July 30, 2014

Corn Quiche Recipe | Crustless Cheesy Corn Quiche Recipe

Crustless Sweet Corn Quiche, a complete wholesome meal with step by Step pictures.
Corn Quiche Recipe
Quiche is an open faced pastry made either with a crust or without it, that has a savory filling with a custard which is mostly egg based. You can make either a meat based or vegetable filling depending on you choice. When you do not have the time or watching your calorie intake, you can go for a crust less quiche like this one. I wanted to make a tart or pie but did not want to end up eating a butter rich pastry after the Plum Crumble Bars, so opted for a crust less Quiche that’s filed with veggies and cheese that are loved by the kids.

Crustless Corn Quiche Recipe
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July 27, 2014

Herb Mocktail Recipe

Herbal Mocktail Recipe
This Herb Mocktail has all the goodness of the locally available herbs around your home and is perfect for the Monsoon or rainy season. This drink will take care of any digestive problems that you may have and also any feeling of flatulence that you may feel after a heavy meal. It acts as a natural body cleanser and nourishes your body from within. So it is also better to have it at least once a week.

Herb Mocktail Recipe
As, one of the sponsors for the IFB Meet, Urban Dazzle are hosting a contest for cocktails and mocktails and I’m sending this as a second entry for the same. I would love to serve this mocktail in this Kombo hole highball tumbler as it will look prettier while giving this to kids especially.
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July 26, 2014

Lemon Basil Mojito Recipe | Mocktail Recipes

Classic & Elegant Lemon Basil Virgin Mojito Mocktail Recipe to beat the heat during Summer.
Lemon Basil Mojito Recipe
This perfect thirst quencher is Non Alcoholic, that both the adults and kids can enjoy during hot summer. This virgin mojito is so simple to make and it feeds a crowd easily. 2 months ago during peak summer I wanted to make a mojito and even attempted it but ended up only to break my favorite glass in the name of muddling. That recipe never got published as I was so depressed over the glass. But I consoled myself that I needed more practice and kept practicing without giving up and it finally paid off as I made this drink which tasted just perfect. 

Lemon Basil Moctail Recipe
By now you all must that I’m going to the first Indian Food Blogger’s Meet that is being held in Bangalore. One of the sponsors Urban Dazzle are hosting a contest for cocktails and mocktails and I so excited to be sending my first entry. I feel that this drink would look great in this footed schooner. Don’t you?

I’m done using mint leaves for drinks and when I was wondering what to pair with lemon to make this drink, I saw the pungent Tulsi leaves that I had bought for Friday Pooja and it was just perfect for my purpose. Tulsi (Indian holy basil) has a lot of medicinal properties and apart from the pungent smell it has also got a very sharp taste that balanced the tartness in the lemon in this drink very well.
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July 25, 2014

Plums Oatmeal Crumble Bars Recipe | Eggless Dessert Recipes

Eggless Plums Oatmeal Crumble Bars that serves as a Dessert or a quick snack or as a healthy breakfast.
Plums Oatmeal Crumble Bars Recipe
These Plum Crumble Bars are loaded with oatmeal and so buttery in taste. The sweet and tart plum filling gives a rich tangy taste to the bars. Moreover these are Eggless. And did i tell you that the Refrigerator that I had with me for the past 14 years, that saw 3 home shifting and still carried on so much with zest, finally decided to take rest and gave up totally. For the past 1 week I’m without a refrigerator at home and oh boy it made me realize how much I depend on my sturdy little fridge and how much I miss it already. Finally went shopping yesterday and booked a huge one for me when compared to the single door one that I had till date. Now to the recipe….

Baked Oatmeal Plums Crumble Bars
As the plums I had on hand were so tart I had to use a little bit of sugar to the topping to reduce the tartness and as I’m chasing time to post this recipe as today is the last day for the contest, I was so worried whether I would be able to slice them properly with the little resting time I gave in my non functional, almost dead fridge, but the Gods must indeed have been listening to me from heavens as I was able to cut them in perfect slices.

The kids loved these bars so much after they came from school along with a glass of milk. As these bars are so rich in butter, it was quite filling to them. Keep these bars refrigerated and enjoy a slice as and when you wish for a quick bite.
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July 24, 2014

Eggless Plums Mug Cake And Brownie in Microwave

1 minute Eggless Plum Mug Cake and 2 mins Plum Mug Brownie made in Microwave.
Eggless Plums Mug Cake Recipe
Mug cakes and brownies are so easy and versatile to make especially when you have a microwave. They get ready in a jiffy and can satisfy your dessert craving any time as it takes just a minute or 2 to make without any elaborate mixing and prep work. I made both a mug cake that’s so soft, moist and airy and chewy brownie with slight modifications to the base recipe that I use to make mug cakes. When I made the Spiced Plum Relish, little did I know that I will be using that to make a mug cake and brownie and when the thought started shaping, I thought why not, the relish was out of the world, so a mug cake could hardly fail, right and the cook time is much lesser than that of the prep time itself.

Eggless Microwave Mug Cake
I first made the mug cake but I was really craving for some chewy delectable brownie, so tweaked the base recipe and made the brownie as well. If you do not have the plum relish at hand to make these mug cakes, do not let it stop you, just check the notes and go ahead and make it as its really yummmmmm……..
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July 23, 2014

Spiced Plum Relish or Chutney Recipe

Spiced Plum Relish/Chutney that’s ready in 10 min and free of preservatives with step wise pictures.
Plum Relish Recipe
This spiced Plum Relish/Chutney is a blend of all tastes. Its tart, mildly spicy, sweet and a bit sour, all at the same time. You can serve it for dessert along with gourmet cheese or as an appetizer as I have shown in the pictures with salted biscuits and a cheese sheet. It works both ways.

You can also marinate any meat of your choice and cook it as your recipe calls for and in this case it acts as a condiment. Isn't that really cool to have an all in one recipe? And it took me just 10 mins to cook up this yummy relish. If you are making this for a party, I would suggest you to make it a day ahead as this one tastes even better the next day as the flavors and spices marry well with time.

Plum Chutney Recipe
I got introduced to a relish for the first time when I first attended my younger one’s best friend’s birthday party a few year ago. Oh boy I was sold to the taste of it. It was an Apple relish and my friend J had beautifully arranged this dip along with cheese cubes for the all the kids and with crackers, apple slices and salt biscuits for all the adults in the party and we all enjoyed it without a shade of guilt.

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July 22, 2014

Ragi Koozh Recipe – Keppai Koozh or Aadi Koozh Recipe

Ragi Koozh or Aadi Koozhu Recipe using Ragi maavu (Finger millet flour) and Varagu Arisi (Kodo Millet) with step wise Pictures using Pressure Cooker method.
Ragi Koozh Recipe
Ragi koozhu is a gluten free, diabetic friendly and a healthy breakfast porridge especially during Summer. Its a perfect body coolant and not only that Keppai koozh is still a staple breakfast of many people in the villages across Tamil Nadu. It is also made and served  as a prasadham in many Mariamman temples during the Aadi month of the Tamil calendar which falls from mid July to mid August. I always make this koozhu along with sarkarai pongal on the first and last Sunday of the Aadi month every year.

Keppai Koozh recipe
In our home town, Aadi Koozh is served as a prasadham during Sundays in Amman temples. Fridays are usually allotted for doing “thiruvillaku poojas” or “thirumaangalya pooja”. On all Sundays of the Aadi month, people who have “venduthal” (a private commitment to God), demonstrate it by making this koozhu and giving it to all the people who visit the temple on that day and also we have “paal kudam” rally that begins during mid day and ends in the evening and after which we have “thee midhi” also. All Sundays will be like a “Thiru Vizha” during this Aadi month in my home town and I miss it really very much.

Aadi koozhu recipe
Usually this porridge is made using rice grits (arisi rava) and both the arisi rava and ragi are cooked separately and then mixed together. But in my home while making for breakfast, they also use either soaked sago (javvarisi) or cooked, mashed rice as a variant to break the monotony of arisi rava. But while making it as a prasadam during the month of Aadi, we use only rice.

Here I have used kodo  millet (varagu arisi) as it is already in the form of arisi rava and also I have used the pressure cooker as both the ingredients gets cooked together thereby saving time and in case if you are a beginner, it eliminates any doubts regarding finding out whether the ragi or the rice have cooked to perfection.

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