Ketti Chutney


We make various chutneys with the fruit, coconut yes a fruit and not a nut as correctly said by Suganya. Coconut is also called the King of Palms and this particular fruit and other types of nuts served as the original Fast Food for the early man. Now to this particular recipe, this is unlike […]

Rava Upma


This is a breakfast that could be completed in 15 minutes provided you have roasted rava in hand readily. Roasting the rava before storing it in a container is a practice that I got from my mother. She made it a point to roast it as it not only prevented small worms and bugs forming […]

Idli / Dosa Batter


This is the most quintessential ingredient of almost all South Indian homes. No home’s fridge is devoid of this. You’ll need: Boiled rice / tiffin rice – 5 cups Urad dal – 1 cup Rock Salt – to taste Water – to grind Method: The ratio of rice and dal is 5:1. clean and wash rice and dal separately […]


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