Pepper Fried Rice


My grandfather was a great believer of natural remedies for any ailments. I have never seen him go to a hospital for any problems. He was 80 years old when he passed away and he never suffered from diabetes or any health problems faced by the people of his age group. One day he fainted […]

Tomato onion chutney


This chutney has always been my favorite right from the childhood. Now it’s my whole family’s. My kids simply love this chutney. Arjun now-a-days never complain of eating idlis when I serve it with this chutney. He likes only dosas. I remember my grandmother plucking tomatoes from her sprawling garden to make this chutney when […]

Radish and beans sambar with plantain and okra stir fry


Last month I was watching a program in the T.V where in a Doctor was advising people to include lots of radishes in their food as it helps in taking away the carbon deposits from our body which gets deposited because of the fumes from vehicles when we go out. Ever since this Arun started […]