My Blogroll

It has been an awesome journey so far. When I thought of celebrating 3 years of blogging with this event it occurred to me that I did not have a compilation of all the blogs that i had visited so far in my blog trotting adventure. So Updated the list in alphabetical order which took me […]

Mango Nungu Pudding


Officially the “Agni Natchathiram” alias “Katthiri Veyil” has ended as of yesterday but the heat just refuses to abate. It is very hot still but then you cannot expect an immediate drop in the temperature, right.  It would be like expecting a miracle, but still let us hope so. And what a match. I feel […]

Banana Yogurt Shake


A very brief of spell of rain on fine night just could not provide enough relief from the sweltering heat. It is so horrible, the worst affected are children and elders of course. I just could not find enough appetite to eat any of form sold foods and cooking for the day has been kept […]