Eggless Chocolate Espresso Cake ~ For Blog Hop Wednesdays


This is the first time I’m using coffee in a cake though I had wanted to do so for some time now….   Ever since hubby dear who is a coffee addict bought the coffee maker to enjoy his daily cuppa I wanted to play matchmaker to both coffee and chocolate…..     I got my chance during […]

Blog Hop Wednesdays ~ Week 10


Another wonderful Wednesday…  and we are here with another new edition of Blog Hop Wednesdays. Enjoy this visual treat by us, the blog hoppers in this fun ride. Also do not forget to check the fun we all had, cooking during the previous blog hops. Hope that this array of delectable dishes prepared by the blog hoppers not only pleases your […]

Aalampana ~ A Royal Treat | Marinated Vegetables in a Rich Creamy Sauce


I can almost imagine the Royal Chef walking into dining room of the Royal Court and presenting this dish with much fanfare and pride at the feast table to his Emperor and standing back with a dedicated and graceful bow waiting for his Emperor’s approval. He gets his approval from the sparkling brightness of his […]