October 31, 2011

Sohan Halwa / Corn flour Halwa | Diwali Special

Sohan Halwa


I love the orange color. To me it is flaming, vibrant, zesty and so full of life. That is one of the reason for my attraction towards this particular halwa. I love looking at them in sweet shops and had thought it was a very difficult one to make and one in which oodles of ghee goes into the making. Recently while surfing through the TV channels listlessly I saw this recipe being demonstrated and the name got me hooked. Only after the show ended that I realized that it was the same halwa that I used to drool upon. The beauty of it is that it actually needs very little ghee to make this halwa.


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October 27, 2011

Kaaju Katli / Cashewnut Burfi | Diwali Special & Giveaway Winner

kaaju katli

Happy Diwali Wishes to all my friends. May you all have a prosperous year ahead. Hope you all had a wonderful celebration. I celebrated it happily at my In-laws place and though the rain played a spoil sport, it is of  little importance to put a break on the overall festive and jubilant mood.  Now it is the back to the routine that makes me sad and we had to hurry back to the good old Chennai in the pouring rain to get on with our lives.


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October 24, 2011

Somaas / Somaasi | Diwali Special


Diwali is just around the corner and I’m sure friends that you are all getting ready to welcome Goddess Laxmi into your homes to celebrate the festival. Today’s recipe Somaas is once again a traditional recipe from my Grandmother’s kitchen which is an absolute must apart from the Adhirasams she makes for Diwali. She usually clubs making this and Baadusha on the same day as both take some time to cook and more care is needed. Individual sweets such as this, adhirasam, baadusha and Lavang latikas fills a thaali tray perfectly and make it look over laden when you distribute for friends and neighbors.


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October 21, 2011

Bridal Shower for Nithya : Malpuas

There are very few moments as cherished, as beautiful as the day you embark the new journey of life. Holding someone's hand, with dreams in heart and sparkle in the eyes. The day she started dreaming for, even before she knew its’ meaning. The day she has visualized so many times, that by now every detail is clearly itched in her mind. Yes the day a girl becomes a bride, is like no other.
Very soon one of our friends, a great blogger and a gifted photographer, is going to live her dream. And since I'm sure you read the header before reading this, you all know who am I talking about...Yes Nithya of 4thsensecooking is getting married this November.
Thanks to the world of connectivity, distances have become a lesser shortcoming. Though nothing can reclaim the joy of celebration in person. Yet in absence of actually being with her during her most joyous period. here we are all, united, to wish her all the best. So today we are throwing this virtual bridal shower for Nithya to express our happiness and celebrate with her.
And what could be a better way to celebrate than with food, the subject, the emotion that binds us all...So we decided to cook it up, literally and that too Nithya's own dishes from her own blog - 4thsensecooking. Hope she likes the recreation of her own favouite dishes and gets a taste of it through the world wide wide.
Cheers...This is for you Nithya and for all those visiting this virtual bridal shower!!
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October 19, 2011

Paneer Potato Pops | For Blog Hop Wednesdays

Paneer Potato Pops

It would be an understatement if I say that I eagerly awaited my turn to hop to Suchitra’s blog for the Blog Hop Wednesdays. The blog name is so apt for her space. The total layout and the recipes in the simplest language possible just complement each other and sync well with such perfection. Many of you know that her space had been a launching platform for many newbie bloggers. I was astounded when I found that she had 49 items listed so far under Diwali special. As there is going to be so much of sweets in the week to come, I chose this one as promised to my children that this month would be dedicated for deep fried delights. Trust me when I say that I had been making this for 3 consecutive days since last Saturday on demand. It is such finger licking good. You can find the original recipe here and a heartfelt thanks to her.


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Blog Hop Wednesdays ~ Week 7

Can you all believe that we are completing 3 glorious months of Blog Hopping ? I never expected this to grow this big but here we are entering into week 7. A humble thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the foodie friends who have supported and encouraged me with their addictive enthusiasm for making this venture successful right from the beginning.
If you are new and wondering what this is all about then check here to see what all the foodie gang cooked up. It has so far been a life time experience for me from which I learned so much and felt humbled by the amount of sheer dedication that you all have put into this. Once again friends you are all, the best and thank you very much for everything and I sincerely hope that you all do believe that I mean it from the depth of my heart. Now shall we move on to the buffet table.......

1. Kesar Malai Pista Kulfi
2. Beet Rava Laddoo
3. Rava Idly
4. Gujarati Kadi
5. Rajasthani Jaadi Roti
6. Molten Lava Cake
7. Garlic Chilli Cheese Toast
8. Beetroot Chutney
9. dhi papad subji
10. Instant Carrot Pickle
11. Chili Idly
12. Channa Dal & Green Peas Vada
13. Chow Chow Pala Pindi Miriyam
14. Strawberry Pista Kulfi
15. Dahi Vada
16. Eggless Microwave vanilla cake
18. Paneer Potato Pops
19. Carrot Almond Milkshake
20. Soya Chunks Cutlet
21. Sabudana Upma
22. Orange Peel Raita
23. Salty Cumin Cookies
24. Milk Kozhukattai
25. Soy Flour Pineapple Cake - Gluten Free & Heal
26. Mushroom Pepper Masala
27. Aloo ke Kofte with Peas Pulao
28. Lauki Kofta
29. Cracks with Tomato Hummus
30. Phulka | Chapati | Puffed Indian Bread
31. Microwaved Potato chips
32. Stuffed Paniyaram
33. Poha-Oats-Sago Idli
34. Tomato Pulav
35. Sabudana Khichdi / Upma
36. Mixed Vegetable Upma for Blog Hop Wednesdays
37. Kosambari
38. Hara Bhara Kebab
39. Tomato Onion Bonda
40. Moong Dal Paratha
41. Poondu Kuzhambu (With out Coconut)
42. Ghee Roast and Ridge Gourd Chutney
44. Dates kheer/ Payasam
46. Aval Upma
47. Aloo Bread Packets
48. Chettinad Potatoes

This linky list is now closed.

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