December 30, 2011

Tickling Palates... A Recap of 2011

So, Why do we need to delve into the past? Can’t we just let the bygones be bygones and carry on with the present and step into the future without making a big event of it. Many do, but in my humble opinion, past is always a source for nostalgia and romance. Many a times it is from where we identify from our unknown strengths, pick it up with pride and pursue it with passion going on to perfect it. 

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December 29, 2011

Matar Paneer


Cooking with fresh peas during the season is always a pleasure....    The fresh smell while removing the peas from their pods is just too good and stays long in your mind. It also happens to be my kids favorite way of passing their time in the name of helping me with my chores. It is the only time when they fight and argue with each other over who gets a larger share of the pods to remove the peas. Combine the peas with their favorite paneer and they enjoy it a lot satiated with a scrumptious dinner or for lunch box at school.


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December 28, 2011

Chocolate Marble Cake / Marble Cake Recipe ~ Step by Step | For Blog Hop Wednesdays

Chocolate Marble Cake Recipe 
It has been my long time wish to bake a marble cake especially in a Bundt pan but kept postponing because I did not own a Bundt pan. When my assigned blog for this week’s blog hop turned out to be Roshan, I remembered her posting this cake some time back and checked out her space. She has a lot recipes pertaining to God’s Own Country – Kerala. Though the aroma of them enticed me very much I stuck to this one as Arun was hell bent on making this one. I guess the patterns intrigued him very much. The kids also volunteered to bake this one as they on their holiday. So it is time for a baking session with the kids and we had a great time. Except to help Arun with beating the eggs and making the pattern I did not do anything. So join me on the fun we had together......
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Blog Hop Wednesdays ~ Week 12

Welcome to another wonderful Wednesday. This event started back in the month of August and had been going strong for all these months and this will be the last one before we all move on to the new version that will be starting from next month onwards.  A big thank you to all the foodie friends who travelled with me in this culinary journey and to my other blogger friends who stood by me and encouraged me with their visits and comments. Without much ado let me share with you all to some delectably cooked finger licking food presented by  the Blog Hoppers.  Feel free to check out the buffet prepared during the previous blog hops.

Please note that the linkies are for Blog Hoppers entries alone and others will be removed.

1. Chocolate Marble Cake
3. Cup Cakes
4. Moroccan Spiced Chickpea-Squash Soup
5. Aloo Masala
6. Arisi Upma/Rice Rava Upma
7. Amla Pickle
8. Avocado Chapati
9. Vegetable Fried Rice
10. Eggless Carrot & Tutti Frutti Cake
11. Persarattu
12. Rabri/Reduced Milk Desert
13. Veg Croquette / Kebab
14. vada pav
15. moong dal fritters
16. Samosa
17. Butter Cake
18. Honey Kissed Butter Cookies
19. Vaangi bhath
20. Urad Dhal Ladoos
21. Eggless Chocochip Nankhatai
22. Dry Fruits Burfi
23. Eggless Microwave Mug Brownie
24. Potato Coriander Curry
25. Sooji Halwa / Rava Kesari

This linky list is now closed.

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December 27, 2011

Chilli Bread / Bread Masala from Homemade Bread

Chilli Bread

I tried making this Chilli Bread at home from scratch last week end and it turned out to be a much loved evening snack by all of us. I had seen this being served in the bakery that I frequent and it sells like hot cakes off the shelves. When I purchased during my last visit to find out how it tasted, I loved it very much and the kids too. They were asking me to buy it daily. But I was sure that it could be made at home itself from scratch and set about doing just that last Sunday. It was finger licking good and I’m so glad that I was able to match up to the bakery’s taste.

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December 23, 2011

Christmas Fruit / Plum Cake – Step by Step Recipe

Christmas Fruit Cake


This is the first time I’m baking a fruit / plum cake for Christmas. This cake is dairy free, butter free and alcohol free and does not require you to soak the fruits in advance. This recipe is from our neighbor Angelin Aunty. It is almost like a ritual to her to serve this fruit cake to all the neighborhood during Christmas. From the year she became our neighbor when I was 7 years old till last year I had been blessed to have tasted this cake that she so lovingly bakes for all of us. Her home would smell so heavenly during this time of the year. I would have never felt the urge to bake one this year had it not been for her. This year unfortunately she had to rush to be with her daughter, who also happens to be my best friend, as she is expecting her second baby next month.

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December 21, 2011

Eggless Cinnamon Choco Chip Banana Bread

Eggless Cinnamon Chocochip Banana Bread
This is the first time I’m using Palm oil in a bake and I must say that I’m fully satisfied with the result. When I saw the Bakery that I frequent buying this oil in bulk, I wanted to find out the reason, as I have never used it before. When I googled further, I found out quite a lot about its benefits and uses. First thing is that the oil is odor free, rich in Beta-Carotene and I can get the same result that I get while using butter and further more I can be absolutely guilt free of the calories while using butter. When I cut open the pack I found the oil in a semi solid state just like melted butter. From now on it is Palm oil for me, replacing vegetable oil in any bakes.

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December 20, 2011

Kathirikkai Kaara Kulambu ~ Spicy Brinjal Gravy

Kathirikkai Kaara Kulambu


After posting so many baked goodies, I would like to share today a simple Kaara kulambu that is quite usual in our home. When my guests brought with them a bag of freshly harvested tender brinjals from their fields, I just could not resist from making this flavorful gravy. This makes a wonderful lunch when mixed with hot, steaming rice with a liberal dose of ghee drizzled over it and “Sutta” appalam as a side dish for it. Just Bliss......


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December 19, 2011

Orange Tutti Fruti Bread

Orange Tutti Fruti Bread


I love citrus flavors. Period...  But, but... I prefer lemons for summer and oranges for winter. I think there is no harm in taking sides as long as you love them both right. I love baking quick breads as it saves so much of your time unlike the yeasted breads and you can just play around with flavors of your choice. I came across this recipe while waiting for my turn to meet with Arjun’s Doctor on a routine check-up. This recipe has been adapted from an old “Prevention Magazine” lying on the Reception table.


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December 15, 2011

Cheesy Bread Cups

Cheesy Bread Cups

This makes a perfect Party food for the kids and also a nutritional snack as it is loaded with cheese and veggies. A random experiment during one of the times when I baked the dinner rolls previously resulted in this and went on to become a big hit with the children. They loved it very much and also their friends when I packed off these for their school snacks. As I could not call them as Stuffed buns, I christened these as Cheesy Bread Cups. If you are not worried about the waist line and keep a check on calories, this makes a nice snack. Feel free to play with the stuffing part as that is the most interesting part in this and also in coming up with new names.....
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December 14, 2011

Red Velvet Cup Cakes ~ For Blog Hop Wednesdays

Red Velvet Cup Cakes
It is showering cakes and cookies this month where ever I look around in the blog world. No complaints as it adds more zing to to the festive spirit. My long time wish to bake these cakes came true when I saw this in Princy’s space who is my assigned partner for this week’s Blog Hop. I so badly wanted to make her Eggless Tiramisu but may be some other time.  So what do you do when you go ahead to bake Red velvet cup cakes and in the middle of the process you find that there is no red food color at hand ? I can hear a few sighs..... see a few raised eye brows... read ahead to find out for yourself. 
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Blog Hop Wednesdays ~ Week 11

Friends, a gentle reminder that the subscription for Blog Hop Wednesdays Version 2.0 is going on and is open till tomorrow. Interested friends please feel free to hop in. 
Welcome to another wonderful Wednesday and here are the delectably cooked finger licking food presented by  the Blog Hoppers.  Feel free to check out the buffet prepared during the previous blog hops.
Please note that the linkies are for Blog Hoppers entries alone and others will be removed.

1. Dum Aaloo | Baby Potatoes in Yogurt gravy
2. Sanna
3. Tuna Kabobs
4. Red Velvet Cup Cakes
5. Microwave Orange Cake
6. Green Poha Upma
7. Banana Pancakes
8. Balekaayi Majjigehuli (Raw banana in yoghurt)
9. barley mint soup
10. Dhokla
11. Vanilla Buttermilk Cupcakes
12. Crunchy Cashews
13. Vegetable Nuggets
14. Lemon Rice
15. Cranberry Popsicles
16. Garlic Rolls
17. Eggless Oats Chocochip Cookies
18. Wheat Dosa and Coriander Thogayal
19. Onion Tomato Gravy/Kande Bhaaji
20. Bisibela Bhath
21. Split Black Lentil Ladoos
22. Carrot Halwa
23. Chana Masala-Chickpea Curry
24. Sev Puri
25. Essence Dosa/Roast
26. Potato Wedges(Oven baked)
27. Tomato Onion Chutney
28. walnut cookies
30. Instant corn dhokla

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