February 2, 2012

Announcing Let’s Cook #12 ~ Sweet Somethings

Let’s Cook Series is completing its first year with this month and I’m so grateful to all you dear friends for sending in your entries and constantly supporting to keep this series kicking and alive during all these months. Many a heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you. Being the Valentine Day to look forward to in this month and also to celebrate the First Anniversary I thought we shall celebrate with sweets. So for this month

Let’s Cook ~ Sweet Somethings

Now to some rules to participate in this event:
  1. Cook and post a recipe that is “Sweet” in your blog linking it to this announcement.
  2. You can use sugar / brown sugar / palm sugar, jaggery / molasses, chocolate, artificial sweetener etc., to sweeten your dish.
  3. You can use any method of cooking.
  4. Your recipe can belong to any course varying from starters/snacks to dessert.
  5. Only Vegetarian recipes please. Eggs are allowed though.
  6. We are looking for fresh entries and learn new recipes in the process. So, No archived or reposed entries please. The post has to be between February 1 and February 29, 2012.
  7. Multiple entries are welcome. Linking back to this announcement is a must.
  8. Usage of logo is optional but I would be happy if you could use it, as it helps to spread word.
  9. After posting your recipe just submit your entry to the linkies you will find at the bottom of this post.
  10. In case you have a problem linking, then send a mail to ticklingpalates@gmail.com with your name, recipe name and recipe url with the subject line as Let's Cook: Sweet Somethings.
  11. Non bloggers can also participate. Just send me the recipe with a click of the recipe if possible to the above mentioned email.


  1. Count me in. Its nice to see sweets as a main ingredient.

    Ongoing Event: MurariAnniversary-Giveaway-2012

  2. Gr8...was planning to make something sweet for my hubby!!!

    Count me in.....

  3. awesome i had been thinking of making one simple sweet dish. so now i have work to do to make recipes great i m in this time wud post my entry soon

  4. hi..happy hosting..just linked up an entry.

  5. radhi are you reading my mind or sometin?? i was about to mail you asking about the next lets cook and now you post this. i m gonna cook all sweety this month

  6. Just prepared something yesterday. .and you posted this.. telepathy or what? :)

  7. Everybody is in mood for something sweet this month I guess, will be sending some entries..

  8. nice event


  9. Linked my entry here Radhika :)

  10. Hi! I'm your new follower. Your blog looks great and I'm looking forward to exploring it more :) I couldn't resist joining this event and I hope you like my entry!

  11. Nice event radhika, so many old entries are there, it's ok try to send some new.

  12. Nice event Radhika, I've linked my entry, Coffee Glazed Brownies.

  13. Hi Radhika, just linked my entry..Happy Hosting!! :)
    Kande Pohe

  14. Hi, I've linked to Tiramisu Cheese Cake recipe..good luck for this wonderful event..

  15. Hi Radhika, linked in another one, Strawberry Souffle..

  16. hi i m not too late i guess as many entries came before me. but just added wheat halwa. its simple dish and easy to make.

  17. Hi Radhika, linked my entry...Rose Petals Beetroot Semolina Cakes....

  18. Gr8 blog and event! Linking two of my recipes: Choffee Rocks & Chocolate Cream Cheese Sandwich.

    Do drop by my space sometime. Would love to hear from u. Happy hosting!

    Hope to see more amazing recipes in the round up.


  19. Just linked two recipes - great event!

  20. Lovely event Radhika, linked 4 entries here: choco pudding, strawberry mousse, brownie hearts and now Oreo cheesecake

    great going

  21. Luvly theme n Glad to be part of this Event.Linked my entries.

  22. Hi, linked in one more, Jigarthanda..


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