July 29, 2012

Avant Garde Cookies ~ On an epicurean voyage

Avant Garde Cookies

I once had my blog’s byline as “Explore, Experiment, Experience and Enjoy”. Now, isn’t that what food is all about? I still cannot find an apt phrase, that is so simple when it comes to explaining food. Food has long since stopped being such a mere means of sustenance and with the globalization we all get to create and taste interesting things which our ancestors were deprived of.

What else could be more beautiful when you could put that phrase into action with a group of friends who happen to share the same love for good food and the adventurous streak. This fun group is formed just to do that – live out every foodies fantasy. I do not want to go elaborately into words by explaining all about the group but just that, watch us all in action as we cook up and serve you all some eye catching, fit to ogle at, finger licking food that will tease your palates and awaken your senses. 

I may not have explained about the group in detail, but I do have a few choice words about the primary members of the group who will embark on this epicurean voyage every month.

Anusha – A Lawyer by qualification but who loves teaching grammar to kids and a complete foodie. I live in constant fear of this girl, as I fear that anytime the teacher in her would reach out and tweak my ears for my poor grammar. On a serious note, I admire her adventurous and experimental streak when it comes to cooking. This gal is just so unfazed and I wonder if I’ll be able to keep up with her.Winking smile

Jayanthi – I’m a big fan of her cakes and bakes and I’m sure you all will love it too once you get to see her collection. Visiting her space always gives me so much pleasure for its neatness and eye appeal. The way in which she presents her dishes will only leave you hungry and craving for more. I just wish I have her imagination and boldness when it comes to experimenting with the ingredients.  Embarrassed smile

Kavitha – I admire this girl for her sheer guts for taking both her C.A and M.B.A exams simultaneously and doing so well. Her funky and down to earth narrative would leave you yearning for more. Start reading her post and you will feel as though you are being taken on a tour with her as your host. You will feel the comfort level at 10 on a scale of 1-10. High five

Priya Sreeram- The person behind the name of this group. I wish I could write half as good as she does. I admire her vocabulary, choice of words, narrative and most importantly, her healthy recipes made even more alluring by her beautiful snaps. I like the cook in her as I wait so eagerly, for what she is going to serve next and she never fails to surprise me. Surprised smile

Roshni – Now, this lady has travelled places. You can tell that by just going through her space. Despite being a typical south Indian, she cooks all cuisines so well and with such an amazing expertise. To me she is a foodie, so experimental, completely at ease at what she does and who happens to love and enjoy cooking especially for her loved ones. In love

Veena – Blogger, Quilter, Entrepreneur and I wonder what else she has under her belt that she never fails to stun me. In my opinion, she is not only an expert when it comes to cooking TamBram recipes but she has also proved her mettle when it comes to eggless baking. She has quite a collection that you will love. Green with envy

Finally me, of course. It would be so unfair to talk about myself here. I leave that to you to form an opinion, as I believe that every one is entitled to their own. Don't tell anyone smile

Do you like what you have read so far and want to be a part of this lively foodie group? Then all you have to do is Email me @ ticklingpalates@gmail.com with your name and blog url. Entries will be accepted only be on a first come, first serve basis, provided you agree to follow certain regulations of the group.

Watch all of us cookies in action.... till then happy cooking and eating.....


  1. Radhika - this is a fabulous intro to our culinary voyage. I am so proud to be part of this. and thanks a heap for the sweet words- humbled really.
    BTW, this logo by anusha has been tweaked right? like this one better - it nails our mission ! Much love gal

  2. :)
    That's all I can say! :) :) :) :D :D :D

  3. Excellent blog. That's what can I say.

  4. Awesome blog :) So lovely to read :) Am interested in it :)

  5. Lovely group and a lovely blog ! Looking forward to interesting recipes.

  6. Food goes beyond mere eating, it connects. The taste, smell and texture of food can be extraordinarily evocative, bringing back memories not just of eating food itself but also of place and setting. Food is an effective trigger of deeper memories of feelings and emotions, internal states of the mind and body.

    This one of the reasons I started my food and wine blog.

    Although we might be from different part of the world with very different culture, I can fully understand what you mean and how your group connects... through food.

  7. Looking forward to next week radhika... and thanks for the lovely words....

  8. Radhi please update this dear to include me ;p thanks priya


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