Cornflakes Mixture


The blogosphere is flooded with Diwali sweets and savories and just looking at all those wonderful snaps out there makes me feel that my waist line had increased by a few inches. While making sweets require at least some amount of expertise and patience, this savory mixture is so simple to make and is very […]

Baadusha | Easy Diwali Sweets


Baadusha, A sweet really fit for the king in my opinion. I just can’t stop munching on these once I start which is why I try not to make these sugary little devils often and restrict myself to making just once a year for Diwali. I do not know the reason but I believe that […]

Maida Cake / Maida Burfi


It is not every other day a virtual best friend whom I consider very close to my heart asks me to do something for her. So when Anu asked me to write a guest post for her, how could I ever refuse? I made these melt in the mouth Maida Cake or Maida Burfi which […]


Rava Ladoos


Diwali is just around the corner and the shopping places are abuzz with abundant activity. Sweets and savories add more cheer to the festivities without any doubt. And with this Rava Ladoo recipe, I kick start the celebrations at my home as well. These ladoos are not only easy to make but great to store […]