June 28, 2012

Eggless Mango Cake / Mango Loaf Cake / Eggless Mango Bread

Eggless Mango Cake


I‘m not sure whether to call it a bread or a cake. While the texture is that of a bread the taste is like a cake. Last year I missed baking cake while the mangoes were in season but this time I did not want to miss it. So it was only fitting to bake a mango cake from the freshly picked ripe mangoes my SIL brought home when she visited me. As she hates travelling, she visits me very rarely and during those rare visits she loves to watch baking as she is very much fascinated with the science of it.  I decided to make this eggless as she does not eat eggs. In fact this one tasted so similar like the Carrot cake. I adapted this cake from the Choco chip nut cake.


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June 26, 2012

Karuveppilai Poondu Kulambu (Spicy Curry Leaves & Garlic Gravy)

Karuvaeppilai Kulambu


Whenever I lay my eyes upon curry leaves my Grandmom’s advice come to mind. She would ritually make this gravy every Friday as she had a curry leaves shrub in her backyard. As this kulambu tastes better the next day and continues to do so for another 2-3 days even after making it, she will make it before every week end. I used to hate it back then but then she would simply compel me to eat it with rice stating that curry leaves would prevent hair from pre mature greying. As I’m already seeing some grey hairs those words ring a bell now in my head. Hmmmm... too late I guess. The only thing I have to pray for now is to age beautifully. Wishful thinking... sigh....


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June 23, 2012

Hot, Sweet & Sour Vegetables

Hot N Sweet Vegetables


Ok, This is the best name that I could come up with for this recipe which was a random experiment that became a huge hit with the boys at home. The first thing that Arun demanded once he returned from his holiday was to eat Chinese dishes. Though my SIL and MIL are so good in cooking traditional dishes they never ventured into cooking other cuisines. I just cannot expect them to because getting even the basic sauces at the native place is very difficult. So, Arun who happens to be a big fan of Indo-Chinese and loves to gorge on them at least once a week missed it very badly.


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June 21, 2012

Soya Chukka / Soya Chunks Sukka

Soya Chunks Chukka
I have been trying out various recipes with soya chunks as they are rich in protein. Soya Chunks are not nothing but textured vegetable protein upon which I depend a lot since I do not eggs and also happen to be a vegetarian. Soya Chunks Kofta Curry and Soya & Peas Pulao are the 2 dishes that are mostly made at home as everyone loves it but still I become a tad too bored of doing the same old dishes out of an ingredient. Wanting to try out something different resulted in this delicious and easy side dish that turned out to be good which went very well with rice. Do give it a try and you will not be disappointed. I served this with Pulichchakeerai Thokku and it also tasted good with piping hot rasam.

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June 18, 2012

Sweet Corn Vadai (With Urad Dal)

Sweet Corn Vada
I tried the usual vada recipe with some left over sweet corn and it came out so well. I’m sure many of you may find making Medhu Vadai a bit tedious as the consistency of the batter has to just right not to mention the cleaning of the wet grinder after the grinding part is over. I especially hate that process. Also if you grind the batter in a mixer jar then the vadais will only turn out very hard. If you have faced all of the above difficulties, then try out this vada, as the grinding and shaping part is not only easy but also it will taste just like Medhu Vadai.

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June 16, 2012

Ceylon Channa Parotta

Ceylon Channa Parotta


This parotta is becoming a popular street food back home. I have seen this being made and served when ever I visit my MIL’s place. The aroma is so enticing and leaves you feeling hungry when ever we pass by the shops. I finally had a chance to taste them when my SIL’s hubby brought home a parcel. The taste was simply outstanding. I was left craving for more and I decided to re create the dish when I arrived back. But alas what a disappointment, I just could not compete with those stalls. Something big was missing out.


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June 15, 2012

Mango Julius Recipe

Mango Julius
It’s been more than 3 years since I stopped purchasing mangoes from the market. We wait for the season to peak and buy it straight from the mango farm itself where they let the mangoes to ripe in the tree itself. As they do not follow any artificial means to quicken the ripening process the mangoes not only taste out of the world but the color of the fruit speaks so much for itself. I’ve planned on making the most of this mango season and try out new recipes with the fruit and this drink is the first one in the line.

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June 13, 2012

Jodhpuri Aloo

Jodhupuri Aloo
What a simple yet delicious side dish this one turned out to be. Simply unbelievable. I chose this dish from Vaishali’s space who also happens to be my partner for this month’s Blog Hop Wednesdays for its utter simplicity not to mention that it could be made in a jiffy. As Vaishali happens to be well travelled, she knows very well about food and I find all her posts very informative and do check out the thalis that she posted recently and you will be amazed at all the info that you read. A vivacious lady so full of life and zest that I really envy her and all I can do is hope and pray that I turn out to be just like her when I reach her age.
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Blog Hop Wednesdays ~ Week 18

Another month passes by and I’m sure you all must be getting prepared to send your wards to school after being rejuvenated by the summer holidays. Welcome to yet another month of Blog Hopping! Another opportunity to gawk at some scrumptious good food prepared by our wonderful Blog Hoppers by unearthing from their partner’s virtual kitchen for the Blog Hop Wednesdays. These are tried and tested recipes by our foodie friends.

Please note that this linkies is only for the Blog Hoppers and any other entries will be deleted promptly.  If you are new and want to know more on this then register by submitting your blog here to participate from next month onwards.

1. Soya Chunks and Cauliflower Curry
3. Rajma & Carrot Makhani
4. Chikoo Shake
5. Jodhpuri Aloo
6. Poha Namkeen
7. Spinach Moong Dhal
8. Baked Cajun potatoes
9. Jhatpat Poha
10. eggless microwave peanuttbutter choclate cake
11. Vegetable Paniyaram
12. Special Chole
13. Spaghetti Aglio e Olio
14. Medhu Vadai
15. Quick Quesadilla
16. Pineapple Pacchadi
17. Curried Eggplant & Bell Pepper
18. Cucumber Rolls
19. Tomato and Olive Whole Wheat Focaccia
20. Garlic - Coriander Pull Apart Rolls
21. Kanda Aloo Bhajji / Onion Fritters
22. Poppy Seeds Parsley Muffins
23. Finnish Browned Butter Cookies-Gayathri
24. Poha Pulao
25. Corn Kebabs
26. Black forest trifle in a jar
27. Capsicum Zunka
28. Nankatai
29. Chocolate Coffee Cupcake
30. Aval Puliodhari
31. Fruit Batter Bread
32. On Being Random & Pineapple Kesaris
33. Garlic Peas Rice
34. Vegetable Noodles
35. Quinoa and Noodles Burger
36. Eggless Corinader Veg Savory Muffins
37. Eggless dates Cake
38. Microwave Paalkova

This linky list is now closed.

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June 11, 2012

I Love Baking #5

Every month keeps getting better and better... I keep receiving stunning entries and I just can’t help but to admire the passion the foodies have for baking..  Hey!! I’m not kidding do check for yourself what all we have had so far in the previous months. Though last month I did not go near the oven as the kids were not present at home, from this month on it is definitely going to be different. So, Are you all ready to share and spread the love of baking? This monthly venture, I Love Baking is started to do just that. Bake away and present your recipes to the linkies below. This is open to everyone and anyone who happens to love one thing and that is “Baking”.

Just a few notes before we go linking,
1. Your bake can either be sweet or savory. Just make a note not to link any bakes with meat here as this is a vegetarian blog.
2. Make sure that your post is linked to this announcement.
3. The linkies will be open till 25 of this month.

I would be happy if you could also  link your entries and discuss your experience in the Facebook Page or rather a community that has been specifically created, as it would be of help to many enthusiastic bakers, newbie or experienced and would also have a greater reach.

1. Pineapple upside down cake(eggless)
2. Basic Vanilla sponge cake - Eggless
3. Baby Pizzas
4. eggless microwave peanutbutter choclate mug c
5. Poppy Seeds Parsley Muffins
6. Nankatai
7. Garlic Coriander Pull Apart Rolls
8. Herbed Garlic Pull Apart
9. Spinach & Feta Cheese Puffs
10. Pumpkin and Chocolate Chip Cookies
11. Tandoori Paneer Tikka
12. Roasted Chickpeas
13. Oven Roasted Chunky Tomato and Basil Sauce
14. Cornflakes cookies
15. Burger and fries its dessert time dad
16. Vegan Orange Cranberry Cake
17. Carrot Pineapple Cake
18. Chocolate Picnic Cake
19. Eggless Mango Cake with shrikand

This linky list is now closed.

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