Tomato Pasta Soup


In my household, as far as soups go, I do not have the luxury of opting for any shortcuts like using store bought bouillon/soup cubes which can save a hell lot of time. Arjun loves soups and I try to make a soup at least once in a fortnight and it has to be from […]

Garlic And Smoked Tomato Pull Apart Bread


So, how warm is warm enough, asked my friend. She meant the water’s temperature for proofing the yeast. When I started out with yeast, even I used to wonder the same as I did not have a thermometer to check on the temperature and still do not have one. To get the perfect raised dough, […]

Orange Muffins With Orange Glaze


My love for oranges is known to everyone in my family. I love citrus flavors very much and among them oranges are my favorite. I love the color and also anything and everything made with oranges. To prove my point, I have an Orange bread, Vegan Orange Cake, Shortbread Cookie and a delicious, mouthwatering Orange […]

Kalkandu Pongal


Wishing you all a very Happy Pongal and also celebrating 6000 Facebook Likes. I feel so humbled with all the love being showered on me. The Second day of the pongal festival is also called as “Thai Pongal” and I had been very much busy with cleaning home, purchases and other related activities to celebrate […]