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Eggless Snickers Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe – Eggless Cookie Recipes


I love Cookies. Period. And this eggless candy cookie recipe is even more special to me because it has one of my most favorite candy, Snickers. My kids are absolutely crazy about Snickers, so its no wonder they were gifted a load of it during my little one’s birthday by his friends. I had to literally […]

Baby Potato Sambal Recipe | Baby Potatoes Recipes


Sambal is basically a chili sauce based condiment that is very spicy and popular mostly in countries like Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines and only 2 years ago did I come to know that it is popular even in Sri Lanka and Netherlands. The basic sauce is very simple to make with much lesser ingredients that is […]

Rava Khichdi Recipe (Suji/Semolina Khichadi Recipe) | South Indian Breakfast Recipes


Rava Kichadi happens to be one of my favorite breakfast or an evening tiffin to be enjoyed with dollops of ghee. My Grandmother got this recipe from a brahmin man who ran a quaint little hotel in the 60’s and its been the most loved recipe in our family ever since that. This recipe also […]

Butter Scones Recipe | The Easiest and Best Eggless Scones Ever


Scones can either be had as a breakfast, brunch or as a snack. Scones are single serving cakes or quick breads that does not have yeast in them and an English version of our own Indian biscuits. Scones are very lightly sweetened and on occasions like high tea’s they are also lightly glazed on top. […]