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Mung Bean Sprouts And Spinach Conjee (Porridge) | Indian Breakfast Recipes


A very simple yet filling breakfast recipe that will not make you feel bloated after eating and a quick alternative to your regular and boring Oats Porridge. This conjee (porridge) recipe is very heavily adapted from the regular conjee that my Grandma used to make on regular days and on the days she used to […]

Rava Khichdi Recipe (Suji/Semolina Khichadi Recipe) | South Indian Breakfast Recipes


Rava Kichadi happens to be one of my favorite breakfast or an evening tiffin to be enjoyed with dollops of ghee. My Grandmother got this recipe from a brahmin man who ran a quaint little hotel in the 60’s and its been the most loved recipe in our family ever since that. This recipe also […]

Mushroom Stuffed Kuzhi Paniyaram Recipe | Breakfast Recipes


Paniyaram happens to be a classic Chettinad recipe that is usually had for breakfast or as an evening tiffin. They can be made either as a sweet one or a savory according to our taste buds. In my household everyone prefers the savory one very much and very recently I had exchanged my old pan […]