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Podalangai Poriyal Recipe / Snakegourd Stir Fry | Side Dish for Rice


My family needs a side dish compulsorily to go with Rice for lunch. They are not satisfied with just a papad or chips for the side dish. Having to think of some thing that does not get repeated during the week is one thing that I concentrate on. Though I sometimes feel so lazy having […]

Phalguni Dal Recipe – Easy Side Dish Recipes For Rotis/Chappathis


Phalguni / Falguni Dal, however you choose to pronounce it, is a thick, creamy, protein rich, dal (lentil) preparation pertaining to Bengali Cuisine using Masoor Dal. It is very easy and quick to prepare that goes very well as a side dish for Rotis/Chappathis or Naan. This recipe is very apt to include in your […]

Podalangai Muttai Podimas Recipe | Snakegourd Egg Scramble


Muttai (Egg) Podimas is a very easy dish that you can make especially when you have a very limited pantry or running out of time. An egg scramble serves us in multiple ways as you can either have it as a side dish for rice or chappathis or use it as a stuffing in the […]

Peerkangai Oorpu Recipe | Ridge Gourd (Turai) Dal Recipe


This is once again my MIL’s recipe that belongs to the South Arcot Cuisine, which slightly differs from the usual Peerkangai kootu that my mom used to make at home that involved some grinding. But this kootu recipe needs no grinding and has the most unique flavor and taste. Peerakangai is a vegetable that I […]

Vazhai Thandu Poriyal Recipe | Plantain (Banana) Stem Curry/Stir Fry


Vazhai thandu / Plantain Stem which is also known as Plantain pith happens to be rich in fibre and also has many medicinal benefits. When my younger one was suffering from constipation years back, the Doctor advised me to feed him the juice extracted from the plantain stem as a natural cure. The juice is […]