Thank you & A Giveaway…


First I would like to thank all the visitors and readers of this blog, Tickling Palates and for showering your love, support, patronage and appreciation. It has been an amazing gastronomical journey so far. I would like to mention at this stage the good set of friends that I made from the stop overs at […]

Blog Hop Wednesdays ~ Week 5

Here we are with yet another edition of Blog Hop Wednesdays. Do not forget to check out the new blog hoppers who are joining us from this week on for this fun ride. Also do not forget to check the fun we all had, cooking during the previous blog hops.  If anyone wishes to join […]

Vankaya Bhajji / Pappu ~ Aubergine Dal


Having settled in Hyderabad after her marriage for a few years, Amma can cook Andhra cuisine like a Pro. So I did not find it difficult to adapt when I got married into a Reddiyar family.  It was in fact very easy to adapt as both our cooking methods synched so well. Very rarely does […]